Tirolesi Trentini del Colorado
The Trentini Club of Colorado

Officers:  President Anthony Dalla, Vice President Aldo Svaldi, Secretary Mike Falagrady, Treasurer Anna Vann

Quarterly meetings every 2nd Sunday of January, April, July and October.

Time and Location will be updated each quarter.

History of our Club

Beginning about one hundred years ago and up through the end of the first World War, our present homeland, "the autonomous Province of Trento" was under the rule of Franz Joseph, Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. During this period all school children were required to learn their ABCs, read and write, and do their numbers which well served later immigrants to the United States to preserve their proper names and the names of their home towns.

Because of the mixture of the countries making up the Austro-Hungarian Empire there was a blending of cultures, most important to us were the Austrian and German influences as seen in our food and language. Upon the ending of World War One, the Treaty of St Germain on September 10, 1918 the Austro-Hungarian Empire was reduced by four fifths. One part of this area was known as Sud Tyrol in Italy and this area became known as "The Trentino".

Our Club was established in 1980 and adopted the title "Tirolesi-Trentini" because a large number of our original members came to America before the end of World War One and they carried a passport which indicated they were from Tyrol, Austria. This fact made them proud. Considering that persons born in Italy after September 10, 1918 were subjects of Italy and because the territory given to Italy was called the Trentino, they were Italians from the Trentino. We decided to name our club "The Tirolesi-Trentini Del Colorado" to acknowledge all of the pre- and post-war inhabitants of the region.

There are Trentino clubs spanning all around the world and most are tied to Trentini nel Mondo, the main office in Trento that governs these Trentino clubs.  The North American group of clubs, called ITTONA, holds their conventions every other year in different club locations throughout North America. 

Our club has hosted numerous events each year, such as the Polenta Fest in the fall and a separate Polenta Picnic in the summer.  We have an annual Bocce Tournament in March, a Spaghetti Dinner/Bingo Social in April/May and usually host the Prima Domenica Reception at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in February each year.  Come join us for some great food, fun entertainment and wonderful camaraderie!! Check our Social Event Calendar for details.